bid management

So the business development guys have landed the opportunity to tender for a project that the business would love to win.

To win today, you can no longer compete on price alone, in some market sectors price is a ‘given’. The same goes for quality. You are required to submit a concise, easy to navigate document that looks and feels professional. Less is more.

To win, yes you have to do all the compliant stuff, but it’s the next step that will differentiate you. By showing a deep level of knowledge and understanding of what the customer and consumers of that service really want, you will need to put forward solutions and choices to satisfy these perceived needs. This is where you really add value.

mss will help you to:

  1. form a bid strategy

  2. gather intelligence

  3. structure a bid timeline with inputs

  4. write key elements of the submission

  5. identify differentiators

  6. produce a stunning document

  7. develop a winning presentation

bid management


bid management